Powell set for final official visit

Upland (Calif.) fullback Christian Powell was close to making his decision a week ago but picked up a local offer and will take his final official visit this coming weekend.

Powell plays both fullback and defensive tackle at Upland but is being recruited primarily as a fullback right now. He already has taken official visits to Colorado, Nebraska, Washington and Texas A&M and will take one more this week.

“I just got offered by UCLA last week,” Powell said. “I was actually pretty close to committing to Colorado, but after UCLA offered, I decided to hold off, and I’m taking my final official visit there this weekend. I’m pretty excited, because UCLA is the local school, and my family really wants me to stay close to home.

“The only thing I’m not sure about is how I’ll fit in with their offense. I know [Noel] Mazzone is coming in as the OC, and at ASU, I don’t think they used the fullback much in their offense. So that’s what I’m going to ask about on my visit. I want to know what kind of offense they’ll be using and how I’ll fit in. Demetrice Martin is the coach recruiting me, and we have a good relationship, because he was recruiting me at Washington.”

Powell said he plans to make his decision shortly after returning from his visit over the weekend.

“I’m ready to get this over with,” Powell said. “Colorado will be coming in for a home visit tomorrow (Thursday). I just talked to Nebraska today, and my mom has talked with Washington about setting up a home visit. I think if things go well with UCLA this week and I’m comfortable how they plan to use me and comfortable with the players and coaches, they could be tough to beat. If not, I have Colorado on top and some other great options as well.”