CB Beaver gives visit to Utah high marks

Defensive back Brandon Beaver (Compton, Calif.) took a visit to Utah this past weekend and said he liked it a lot more than he expected. Are the Utes a serious player now?

“To be honest, I really didn’t see myself going to Utah before the trip,” Beaver said. “I was thinking mostly about Washington and Oklahoma, but Utah is right up there now too. It surprised me how great it was, and I fit in very well with everyone I met. I was comfortable there, that’s the key word for me -- I felt comfortable, and it felt like home.

“I learned a lot about the team and what kind of program they have. I got to know the coaches better, and I got along really well with the players. Ryan Lacy was my host, and he was real cool. We were hoping to go snowmobiling but there wasn’t enough snow, so we just went tubing instead, but that was a lot of fun. Utah is definitely under consideration, and I’m going to give them a strong look.”

Beaver will visit Oklahoma this coming weekend and that will be his final trip.

“I can’t wait to see Oklahoma, and getting an offer from them was huge for me,” Beaver said. “I know some of the OU commits already from the Army game, plus Derrick Woods and Taylor McNamara are going there too. Cal wanted me to visit too, but I’m not going to do that.

“They kind of stopped recruiting me and only called after Ishmael Adams and Kevon Seymour committed elsewhere. I don’t want to go somewhere that looks at me like a backup option. That’s why I like Washington a lot. They have been on me hard from the very beginning, and I definitely appreciate that. I’m not sure when I’ll commit but probably a week after my visit to Oklahoma.”