Walker still committed, taking visits

Wideout Kenneth Walker (Richmond, Calif./Kennedy) was planning to visit UCLA back in December but canceled last minute after talking with then-Bears WR coach Eric Kiesau. Kiesau is now at Washington so Walker has decided to take a couple of visits and will be in Los Angeles this weekend.

“It was kind of a crazy week,” Walker said. “First with Tosh [Lupoi] leaving and then the next day, I hear that Coach Kiesau was gone too. I was surprised because I had just talked with them but I guess it’s a business and everyone has to do what they think is best for them. Tosh came to my school yesterday and talked with me and my dad. He explained his situation, that it was all business and not personal and nothing against Cal.

“My dad was a little bothered I think. He said he wished Tosh had told us earlier what was going on and didn’t get how he could sell another program so fast after being with Cal for so long. It’s definitely a weird situation and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty confused right now. I feel like I’m basically having to start all over again but I have a visit set up for (Jan. 27) and we’ll see how it goes.”

Walker will visit UCLA this weekend and had a home visit Wednesday night with the Bruins staff as well.

“Demetrice Martin, Angus McClure and Eric Yarber all came over,” Walker said. “It was great, my mom was here for that too and she really liked them a lot. Before I committed to Cal, UW was my No. 2 choice and Coach Martin was actually the coach recruiting me. I had an instant connection with Coach Yarber as well and I can tell he’s a great guy and would be fun to play for.

“I have a track meet in Fresno Saturday, so the plan is to head over to UCLA as soon as the meet is done and I’ll stay through to Monday. I’m still committed to Cal and I talked with Wes Chandler, the new WR coach last night. He wanted to meet with me on Sunday for a visit but I’ll be out of town so I’m sure I’ll do that next week. I’m just going to follow my heart and we’ll see where that leads me after these next couple of visits.”