Home visits scheduled for Arik Armstead

This will be a very busy week of home visits for two-way lineman Arik Armstead (Elk Grove, Calif./pleasant Grove) as things are starting to wind down for the region’s top prospect.

Armstead’s story is already well documented.

He committed early to USC but backed off during the year to open up his options. Word was he was close to announcing for Cal but had a change of heart when former Bears DL coach Tosh Lupoi left the program and headed to Washington.

“I think we’re getting close,” Gus Armstead, Arik’s father said. “We have visits all this week and then hopefully we’ll know something by the weekend. Cal was here yesterday and Notre Dame will be in tomorrow. UCLA and Auburn are coming Wednesday, Washington and USC on Thursday and Oregon and Alabama we still need to set.

“They’re all great schools and it has been great getting to know all the staffs. It has definitely been a wild year with all the different twists and turns. It’s not just Arik but dealing with Armond too but the boys have handled it well and it’s close to being over and that’s exciting.”

According to Armstead, the family is still mulling things over but Cal, Washington, Oregon and Notre Dame are the schools with the best shot right now. The feeling is the Bears could once again be the team to beat as the Armstead family has a good relationship with new Cal DL coach Todd Howard.