Eldrenkamp ready to announce on Wednesday

Washington and Washington State don’t go head to head on many players but are doing exactly that for one of the state’s top prospects. Jake Eldrenkamp (Bellevue, Wash.) has officially visited both schools over the last two weekends and had in-home visits with both head coaches Tuesday night.

“I’m feeling a lot of pressure and anxiety right now,” Eldrenkamp said. “These are two great programs and I had great visits at each school. They’re both so different from each other but offer a lot of the same things and I felt very comfortable at each school and with both coaching staffs.”

Eldrenkamp broke down the differences between the two programs following his visits.

“It almost every aspect, the two schools are different,” Eldrenkamp said. “Pullman versus Seattle, one is a college town and the other is in a big city. The Foster School at Washington stood out academically but do did the small town feel of Pullman.

“The Pullman campus is also very cool and both coaching staffs are excellent. I fit in very well with the players at both school and I like the offense that both schools run. Even those are vastly different with Washington running a pro-style and Washington State being a more wide open, spread type offense.”

Eldrenkamp said the two head coaches are as different as the campuses.

“Mike Leach is a fascinating guy,” Eldrenkamp said. “He’s a very interesting guy, one of those guys that you can too about any subject and he knows what he’s talking about. Coach Sark [Steve Sarkisian] is younger and more energetic. He’s also a lot of fun to talk with and I know I would be comfortable playing for both of those guys.

“I’m making my announcement tomorrow on Softy’s (Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler) radio show as 12:30. I still need to sit down and talk with my head coach here [Butch Goncharoff], as I really haven’t had time to do that yet and respect his insight.

"I’ll do that later today and then I should be ready to go by tomorrow.”