USC joins the hunt for talented twins

The Robinson twins haven't been discussed much this spring in football recruiting circles. Standout basketball players as well, Tyrell Robinson and Tyree Robinson (San Diego, Calif./Lincoln) have been busy on the hardwood and absent from every 7-on-7 event, but that doesn't mean college coaches haven't taken notice.

The 6-foot-3 dynamos had collected offers from virtually the entire Pac-12 Conference, as well as national powers such as Oklahoma and Notre Dame. On Sunday afternoon, they took another big step by receiving an offer in football from the USC Trojans after their performance at USC's one-day camp. Both players are four-star recruits, and Tyree is the No. 282 player in the country.

USC had already offered both in basketball, but getting Lane Kiffin and staff on board was a big deal for the Trojans, as there is no doubt that the twins will be playing two sports in college. They are also a package deal in every sense.

"We tell coaches that we are going to the same school, so if you want one, you're getting the other," Tyree said. "And we want to play both sports."

The two are already known as basketball recruits, with programs such as Arizona and UCLA in pursuit. But they've proven this spring that they will be able to more than hold their own playing football as well. The dedication to both sports takes up plenty of time for the twins, and a small sample of their upcoming summer proves that.

After USC's camp this past weekend, they'll head to Washington later this month, will take part in the B2G's elite camp in late June, head to UCLA's 7-on-7 camp and likely hit a camp at San Diego State. After that, July will see them switch focus and attend the Nike Peach Jam in South Carolina and several prolific basketball camp in Las Vegas.

"It keeps us busy," Tyree said of the schedule. "It gets us used to how it's going to be."

Tyrell added, "It's real crazy, but we've been doing it all our life."

Both know that they will likely need to make a decision at some point and focus on one sport. But they also know that as long as college coaches allow them to do it, they'll stick with both for as long as possible.

"In the long run it will probably be football," Tyrell said. "But it's hard to choose one right now because I have such a passion for both sports."

What might attract college coaches to this pair the most isn't that they play multiple sports, it's that they play multiple positions. If 10 college coaches were to slot the Robinsons on their depth chart right now, you'd likely get 10 different combinations. Most talk to Tyrell about outside linebacker or defensive end.

"They really like me on the outside rushing," he said. "Getting to the quarterback or dropping into coverage."

For Tyree, the options are seemingly endless.

"I like playing defense, but I'm okay on both sides of the ball," he said. "I was taught defense first -- for football and basketball -- so that's where I'm comfortable. Playing corner, I like being physical and not letting the receiver off the line. But I like offense too, at wide receiver and having the ball in my hands."

The Robinsons are still weighing all their options and said they will likely come out with a top 10 list sometime in July. Finding a balance between football and basketball programs will be interesting for the twins, but Tyree said the pedigree of the programs combined won't be a significant factor.

"As long as one program is okay, it doesn't matter if it is on the rise or fall," he said. "That's what we're here for. We want to boost it up and do whatever it takes to win championships."