2014 QB Speight continues to hit the road

It has already been a busy summer for 2014 quarterback Wilton Speight (Richmond, Va./Collegiate School) and it isn't about to slow down now.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound quarterback was in Los Angeles on Wednesday to attend Kurt Warner's quarterback camp, hosted by Steve Clarkson -- Speight's quarterback coach. It was his second trip to the area in recent weeks, as he participated in camps at California, UCLA and USC in late June.

"I loved them all," Speight said. "It really showed me what coming out here to attend college would be like. It would be worth it. I really liked Lane Kiffin [at USC], Coach [Jim] Mora at UCLA and I really got close with Coach [Jeff] Tedford and Coach [Marcus] Arroyo at Cal Berkeley."

This weekend, Speight will travel to the Southeast to participate in camps at Alabama and Auburn. He said the travel is now just part of his routine.

"It's what I've been doing for the past few summers," Speight said. "It's pretty much all football. It's tough being away from family and friends, but you have to keep in mind that one day it will all pay off."

It could begin to pay off sooner rather than later for Speight, who said he feels as though he is close to landing his first offer.

"I just have to keep working and they'll come," Speight said. "I'm not really worried about it. The more you worry, the more stress you put on yourself. As long as you keep spinning the ball and having fun, it'll be fine."

While plenty of options are likely to be on the table for Speight down the road, he hasn't begun narrowing his focus on any particular school, or even a region of the country.

"Staying close to home is always an option -- in Virginia or on the East Coast," Speight said. "It's close to family and my grandparents could see my games. But also, coming out here, I've been doing so much travelling that I realize the flight isn't too bad. And you can't beat the weather."

His physical stature has college coaches across the country intrigued with him, but Speight said he knows there are still areas he can improve upon, which could endear him even more to programs.

"Coaches have said I have the strength and power behind the ball and from the waist up, I'm all right," he said. "I definitely have to keep working on the waist down, my quickness and footwork. Room for improvement is limitless, so I'm just going to keep working on it."