OG Chris Borrayo will take his time

Offensive lineman Chris Borrayo (Paramount, Calif./Paramount) didn’t start playing football until high school. It only makes sense that he would be comfortable waiting a few more months to make a decision as to where he will play in college.

Borrayo said there is still a learning process for him as he enters his fourth year playing football, but college coaches obviously see the potential, as the 6-foot-2, 270-pound lineman already holds seven scholarship offers. He said he was surprised by how quickly the process started, though he hasn’t concerned himself with much of it to this point.

“It’s already pretty stressful, but in talking to coaches and my parents, they said not to be stressed about it and to give it as much time as I need,” Borrayo said.

So he plans to wait. Though the schools that have offered -- Arizona State, California, Colorado, Nevada, San Diego State, Washington and Washington State -- have asked about possible official visits, the three-star offensive guard said he won’t look to schedule anything until after the season, when he plans to take all five visits and make a decision. The offer from the Sun Devils was his most recent, and he said Arizona State and California coaches have been in touch with him the most frequently.

The recruiting process could be an interesting one for Borrayo, who is basically starting fresh with every school, as he said he didn’t grow up watching college football or thinking about attending a specific college. But Borrayo does have two things firmly atop his checklist.

“The most important is academics,” Borrayo said. “It has to support what I want to major in. And then it’s how I fit -- whether it feels like I’m supposed to be there.”

As for his planned major, it could catch some college coaches off guard, though it makes plenty of sense for someone so capable of diagnosing blitzes and protecting his quarterback.

“I want to do criminal justice, or something with law enforcement,” Borrayo said. “I’ve always been interested in that. I would like to end up somewhere either with the FBI or DEA, as a detective.”