LSU-bound Hayden Rettig back on field

Los Angeles Cathedral came away with a 29-20 win against Los Angeles Locke on Friday night, but that wasn’t the biggest victory for the Phantoms. That came in the form of four-star quarterback Hayden Rettig, one year removed from a torn ACL, setting himself on his repaired right knee and firing a 20-yard completion on his first attempt.

“It was awesome,” Rettig said. “I was kind of nervous, I guess. I haven’t been out there in a long time. … I got all the kinks and the spider webs out. We have a lot of work to do, but we looked good for the first game.”

There were more than a few drops from the Cathedral receivers, but Rettig completed 19-of-43 passes for 264 yards and four touchdowns against zero interceptions. He said the most important completion came on a touchdown strike to wide receiver Da’Mari Scott -- who caught three of Rettig’s scoring throws. Rettig said that was the throw in which he officially felt back to normal.

“I can’t wait for practice on Monday so we can get all the mistakes out and then play against on Thursday,” said Rettig, an LSU commitment. “I didn’t have my best game, but we’re going to be fine by next week. There are just some little things to work on offensively and defensively.”

The Phantoms will likely deal with any amount of work that needs done this week as long as they can keep rallying around Rettig at quarterback. Their season was compromised when Rettig went down in Week 2 last year, then completely derailed when the backup quarterback was injured and Scott was forced to step in. Rettig said he enjoyed doing what he could to help from the sideline last season, but nothing compares to the responsibility of actually leading the team on the field.

“I’m pumped,” said Rettig, ranked No. 210 in the ESPN 300. “We have a bunch of good players and we can do some big things this year. It should be fun.”