DL Buckner has three on top

Defensive end DeForest Buckner (Honolulu, Hawaii./Puahou) was hoping to get out to Oregon this past weekend but had to re-schedule for later in the year.

Buckner, a three star prospect and the No. 2 player in Hawaii, has yet to take any of his official visits but has three schools at the top of his board and has one trip lined up.

“I was going to visit Oregon last weekend but we won our semi-final playoff game on Thursday,” Buckner said. “We beat Honolulu (Hawaii) St. Louis, who won the state title last year, so it was a huge win. Since we won, our coach scheduled practice for Friday and Saturday, so I had to cancel the visit but I’m hoping to re-schedule it for December.

“I have a visit with UCLA set up for (Jan. 13), and I’m setting one with Cal also. Those two schools along with Oregon are my top three. There will be four of us visiting UCLA together. Our running back, Steven Lakalaka, our kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn and Luke [Kaumatule] will be coming too. He’s committed to Stanford but still wants to check out UCLA so that should be fun.”

Buckner said he hears the rumors that he’s a strong Oregon lean but denied having a leader.

“I’m honestly open to all three of those schools,” Buckner said. “I’m committed to taking all three of my visits before I make a decision, and I’m looking at Washington a little, too. I’m just looking for a place where I feel I’ll be taken care of and where I feel comfortable, like a home away from home."

Buckner said a place that feels like home will also be key.

“We have a real tight knit group at Punahou where it’s like a big family, and that’s what I want to see on my visits," he said. "I want to get that vibe where everything just feels right to me. The school that makes me feel the most comfortable is where I’ll probably end up.”