Marshall gives Washington visit high marks

Running back Byron Marshall (San Jose, Calif./Valley Christian) took his second official visit this year to Washington last weekend. The athlete had earlier visited Arizona State.

“It was a lot of fun being there,” Marshall said. “The highlight for me had to be the game day atmosphere. They had a great crowd that was just jacked from hours before the game to the very end. Everyone stands the whole time and when it gets really loud, the stadium literally starts to shake.

“I really enjoyed being around the team and seeing them get all fired up before the game as well. After their meal and walk through, all the players get together in one room and they just started yelling and screaming, like one giant mosh pit. I took an unofficial visit to Washington back in August and spent 10 hours there so I felt like I already knew a lot about the school but it was still great to be around the team and get to know the coaches more.”

Marshall, a four star prospect and the No. 9 RB in the nation, had a unique opportunity to see not just one of his top schools but two as well.

“Washington and Oregon are both in my top four right now,” Marshall said. “I watched the game as a fan and focused more on Washington since I was on my official visit there. Of course you couldn’t help notice Oregon’s offense as well and I think I would fit in equally well in both offenses.

“Washington runs a pro style offense and Chris Polk really pounds the rock at people. Oregon runs a spread with LaMichael James and he’s a speed guy. It was cool to see the difference but I think I can do both, run with power and speed, so the system won’t play a factor for me. I really like both offenses and coaching staffs and I would love to play right away at either school.”

Marshall said the visit to UW has them very high on his list but he’s not interested in naming a leader right now.

“I liked Washington and Arizona State the same, both were great visits,” Marshall said. “Both trips I saw great games and learned a lot. I’ve been to ASU a ton of times since my brother [Cameron] plays there but UW was real cool too and I had some great one on one time with Coach Sark [Steve Sarkisian] and the running back coach, Joel Thomas.

“I have my visit to Oregon set for (Nov. 25) and I’ll be going to Cal (Dec. 9). Those are the four I’m looking at and I’ll make my decision after the Cal visit. I don’t want to wait for the All-American games, I’ll do it sometime in December or whenever I feel I’m ready.”