Coprich getting closer on visits

Athlete Jeffrey Coprich (Stevenson, Calif./West Ranch) was expected to take his first official visit Colorado last weekend to Colorado, but now hopes of visiting later in the year.

“I had it set up but decided a few weeks back I wanted to take all my visits after our season was over,” Coprich said. “I didn’t want to fly in and spend just a day there so that’s why I changed it. Unfortunately, we lost last weekend and didn’t even make it to the playoffs so it looks like I’ll have a lot more time on my hands than I hoped to set up some visits.

“I still definitely plan to get to Colorado and also want to visit Illinois State, Montana and maybe Washington. I’ve been talking with Demetrice Martin since the summer but they haven’t offered yet. Hopefully something will happen there but I’m looking forward to visiting those other schools and moving this process along.”

Coprich had a solid senior season rushing for 1,246 yards and 12 touchdowns while playing full time in the secondary. He’s being recruited as an athlete right now and could play on either side of the ball.