Two team race for ESPNU 150 WR Woods

ESPNU 150 WR Derrick Woods (Inglewood, Calif./Inglewood) has seen his college list turn over quite a bit this year. Early on, USC and Oregon were his early leaders. Then Oklahoma, Arizona and UCLA jumped in to the picture at different times.

Just this week, a new school has emerged and will get an official visit from Woods this weekend.

“Cal is now one of my leaders,” said Woods, who is No. 140 in the ESPNU 150 and the nation's No. 17 wideout. “It’s funny, I never had much interest in Cal but my mom always loved them. They have a great academic program and that’s what she’s looking at. Ron Gould came by for a home visit last night and stayed for almost three hours.

“I’m going to take an official visit there this weekend and Cal is now in my top two along with Oklahoma. I just heard from USC that they’re out of offers and won’t be recruiting me any more, so I’m just focusing on OU and Cal for now. I’m open to see who else pops up but those are my main two right now.”

Woods has already visited the Sooners and is expecting them in for a home visit next week.

“I don’t know much about Oklahoma academically,” Woods said. “On my visit, we didn’t really cover it that much so I’ll be hoping to hear more about that next week. I think they’re coming next Thursday so that will be big. Right now, I’m looking forward to seeing Cal and then I can compare these two schools a little better.”