Myles Jack scores with UCLA recruits

The USC Trojans stole the Pac-12 spotlight on Saturday evening, wrestling away a 20-17 victory over the Stanford Cardinal. Lost somewhat in those national headlines and slightly buried by the fact it had to go up against recruits' own games on Friday night was a solid 41-31 victory by UCLA against Washington.

But as the weekend played out and recruits were able to look back at the Bruins' effort through watching the recorded game or multiple viewings of highlights, the big home win resonated more and more with UCLA commits and targets. The Bruins have already established themselves with recruits as a potential top-10 team with plenty of forward momentum, so while the win was nice, it was a particular aspect of it that grabbed the most attention.

UCLA played at least 13 true freshmen against Washington, continuing a season-long trend of putting first-year players on the field in important games and for important plays. That strategy's most obvious reward has come in the form of Myles Jack, a true freshman linebacker who rushed for more than 100 yards against Arizona, then followed that performance with a four-touchdown showing against the Huskies.

His performance -- and that of other freshmen -- has not been lost on 2014 recruits.