Luke Kaumatule trips to UCLA

Stanford commit Luke Kaumatule (Honolulu, Hawaii/Punahou) took an official visit to UCLA over the weekend. The standout defensive end said it was a great trip and he’ll take two more visits while he awaits word on whether he’ll be cleared by Stanford’s admissions.

“I had a great experience at UCLA,” Kaumatule said. “I really liked the new staff and spent a lot of quality time with all the coaches. Coach Inoke [Breckterfield] has been recruiting me all year and even though he won’t be coaching the defensive line any more, he said he still plans to stay in a football ops role. I spent time with him and also with Angus McClure and Coach [Jim] Mora. Coach McClure is a great guy, very humble but fun to be around.

“They showed me the defense they plan to run, which will be a 3-4 but have multiple looks to it. I think I fit in there pretty well as a defensive end and could make a lot of plays. UCLA has an incredible campus, it’s by the beach and next to Beverly Hills and Bellaire. It’s one of the top public universities in the country and the most applied to school as well.”

Kaumatule said UCLA would be a great fallback option for him but Stanford is still on top.

“If I get in to Stanford, I’m going there,” Kaumatule said. “Coach [Lance] Anderson from Stanford came by Monday and he said they’re waiting on my semester grades. Our semester just ended last week so I think I should hear something from them very soon. This week, I’ll visit Washington and then I have Colorado the following week. Tosh Lupoi recruited me at Cal and now he’s at UW so that’s awesome. I have a great relationship with him already and looking forward to seeing him.

“Coach [Brian] Cabral from Colorado will be doing a home visit this week as well and I’m sure UCLA and Washington will be coming over too. Right now, I’m enjoying the process and looking forward to these final visits. Hopefully I’ll get great news from Stanford soon but it’s good to have these incredible backup options as well.”