Garnett down to two

Offensive lineman Josh Garnett (Puyallup, Wash./Puyallup) recently hosted coaches from both Stanford and Michigan and says he is now officially down to those two schools. Notre Dame was previously in his top group but has been eliminated from the running.

Garnett welcomed Michigan coach Brady Hoke into his home on Sunday night, and that will be the last visit before he makes his decision at 3 p.m. Thursday during a news conference at his school.

"That was the last in-home visit. I had Stanford before that, and then this one," he said. "I'm definitely down to those two, and they both have different things that make them great."

The visit with Michigan potentially helped its chances because it gave Garnett's family the opportunity to meet with Hoke face to face.

"Coach Hoke talked to my mom a lot, and she hadn't met him before," he said. "He talked a lot about what it meant to be a Michigan man and how you represent your family."

The first part of the meeting was all business, but the second part was more relaxed. The family and coaches got a chance to just hang out and relax. Although that will probably be all the relaxing Garnett does in the next three days.

"I have a tough decision to make. I think academics and football-wise I'll have similar opportunities, so it's really just where my heart says I want to be," he said. "I'm just excited to get it over with and figure out what I'm going to do so I can move on."