Survey: Recruits open to gay teammates

Recruits surveyed overwhelmingly said they would commit to a school with an openly gay player. The numbers are just the start as these athletes could be leading a generational change.

An excerpt from Jeremy Crabtree's report:

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel knew the question was coming. Even though it had been six months since Tigers defensive lineman Michael Sam publicly announced he was gay and became the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, Pinkel understood he was going to be asked about the declaration at SEC media days.

When asked about how the announcement affected his program, Pinkel talked about how he believed the people at Missouri handled themselves with class the days and weeks after Sam came out. But then he paused midway through his answer for a few moments, collected his thoughts and said he hopes five years from now a player's sexual orientation isn't even a topic.

"I hope that we've moved on," Pinkel said. "And we respect people for what they are and what they do."

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