#AskLoogs: Why DEs at No. 1?

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There are four positions we place a premium on, because quite frankly, those players aren’t standing on every street corner. Those positions are defensive line (DE over DT), offensive line (OT), quarterback and cornerback. These are the “championship” caliber positions. Wide receivers and running backs are everywhere, and there is enough to go around for everybody, but what separates the good from the great are those four positions listed above. Having a quarterback No. 1 overall at the high school level is a huge risk, and we try and use caution with that position as best we can. Defensive ends are also the position that can not only contribute early as designated pass-rushers, but also still have a high ceiling for development due to growth potential and improved run support to develop into a complete player over time. In other words, there is not as much risk or downside with that position as there is with others.