Ross: 'It's like I haven't missed a beat'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Giants cornerback Aaron Ross feels like he never left.

"It's like I haven't missed a beat," Ross said Tuesday. "The guys always said they accepted me from Day 1 when I returned, the coaches, the playbook hasn't changed, so it feels great to be back."

Ross played for the Giants from 2007-11, winning two Super Bowls. He then signed a three-year contract worth nearly $10 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but was released after playing just one season there. Ross returned for a second stint with New York shortly after that.

The 30-year-old veteran has been performing extremely well early in training camp. He is competing to be the team's nickel cornerback.

"I'm happy with [my performance], but I know I can get better each day," Ross said. "Like I said, I feel really comfortable out here. It feels like I'm refreshed. I'm happier. It just feels like a huge load is off my back. Like I said, the coaches are really breaking down the defense so we understand what the safeties are doing, understand what the linebackers are doing, it's making the defense come together for us."

Ross, who has 10 career interceptions (including a career-high four in 2011), feels comfortable in the Giants' scheme.

"I think just the years added onto my career, that's made me understand the defense," he said. "Pretty much every defense is run the same. Cover 3s are run the same, Cover 2s. You just have to learn what the linebackers and safeties are doing and then you understand your job a little more."

The Jaguars went an NFL-worst 2-14 during Ross' only season there.

"It was just one of those years that we just didn't click," he said. "The defense didn't quite come together. It was a great experience but like I always said I'm very happy to be back here."

Ross hopes to help turn around a secondary that struggled last season.

"I think the coaches, they're doing a great job," he said. "They're breaking down the defense so we can, so everybody understands what's going on. Like I've been saying this whole time, all the corners know exactly what the safeties are doing. The safeties know exactly what the corners are doing. So we can all be on one accord. I think that's the biggest way we can eliminate the mental mistakes on the back end."