Redskins QB RG III and the elephant

As a rule here on the NFC East blog, I don't like to pass up any opportunity to do a post on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. As another, lesser-known rule, I don't like to pass up any opportunity to do a post involving an elephant. I'm sure you'll all agree these are two very good rules, and that the opportunity to do a post that adheres to both of them is straight-up blog gold.

To that end, this is a link to a story about Griffin throwing passes to a circus elephant. It includes quotes from the elephant's trainer about Griffin's remarkable adaptability to even the most pachydermic of offensive schemes:

"I pointed out to him one time what to do, and [on his second try] he threw it up and she caught it," Joey Frisco III told The Washington Post.

"Usually it takes time for elephants to get used to how someone's gonna throw, but an NFL superstar quarterback, he knew exactly what to do," he told the newspaper.

Great quarterbacks are the ones who get the most out of the receiving talent around them -- who elevate the play of their receivers regardless of size, body type, athletic ability or length of trunk. So it comes as no surprise that Griffin was able to quickly develop a rhythm with Kelly Ann the elephant. Some of my remaining questions, however, include:

  • Is Kelly Ann strictly a receiver, or is she willing and able to contribute as a downfield blocker? I know Mike Shanahan likes his receivers to block, and it certainly looks as though Kelly Ann would be a devastating force in the open field. But is she mentally equipped for that, or is she a diva who just wants to rack up the catches and yards?

  • Do elephants count against the salary cap? The Redskins are hard up against the cap, as we all know, and looking for creative solutions? It's possible they've found a huge, wrinkly, gray means of adding to their roster without going over.

  • What does this mean for Santana Moss' future with the team? Can the elephant work out of the slot, or is she strictly a big-bodied outside type? Can she play tight end, and possibly replace Fred Davis if he signs elsewhere?

  • How did Griffin's knee look?

I also wish there was video, but when I clicked on the video atop the story I got that nutty Dr. James Andrews thing from the weekend talking about Griffin being faster than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound just a few weeks after major reconstructive knee surgery. For me, it's enough that he can throw a ball to an elephant. But I guess some people are never satisfied.