Are the Eagles 'one draft away?'

Our man Matt Williamson has a post up in which he identifies five NFL teams that could be one good draft awayInsider from contention, and among those five is the Philadelphia Eagles. Matt cites improvements in the secondary, ample existing talent in the defensive front seven and the fact that it doesn't take that great a record to win the NFC East these days as reasons Philadelphia could turn things around quickly:

While there is much change going on in Philadelphia, they have fantastic draft assets and really not many glaring needs considering where their draft position is. The Eagles should truly be able to often select the best player on their board rather than picking for positional needs. There isn't a powerhouse in the NFC East, and if the draft goes well -- which it really should -- the Eagles might just finish the 2012 season atop their division.

Yeah, I mean, sure. The division has a sub-.500 record over the past four seasons and has been won with 10, 9 and 10 wins in the past three. Going from worst to first in the NFC East is far from inconceivable. The Redskins did it just this past year.

The issue, though, with the Eagles is quarterback. And unless Michael Vick is going to cut down on his turnovers and bad decisions and play closer to his 2010 form than his 2012 form, the Eagles are going to lag behind their division rivals at the most important position. And it's hard to imagine a first-year coach making all of these changes and having everything work perfectly enough to overcome that. As Matt says, stranger things have happened. This is the NFL, where no one is ever out of contention for very long. But since it's hard to imagine the Eagles fixing their 2013 quarterback problem with this draft, it's hard to see how this one draft will be enough to vault them back atop the standings.