Michael Vick can outrun LeSean McCoy

The story is that Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, age 24, was riding 32-year-old Eagles quarterback Michael Vick about his age and challenged him to a 40-yard dash. Vick managed to get coach Chip Kelly to allow it, and Vick went ahead and beat McCoy convincingly, according to teammate witnesses on Twitter.

Yes, like you, I would pay good money for the video. But there does not appear to be any.

What does this tell us about the on-field chances of the 2013 Eagles? Not a lot, I guess. But when people put down Vick and wonder why Kelly brought him back for another chance, things like this can serve as reminders of what he still has to offer. Vick is one of the all-time athletic marvels in the history of the NFL -- as fast as any quarterback we've ever seen (and apparently faster than some of the league's top running backs) and armed with one of the strongest throwing arms of all time. Kelly would hardly be the first coach to look at Vick and see fantastic, even limitless potential.

The issues with Vick are, of course, things like turnovers and decision-making under pressure. Reading the field and the defense. Finding the open receiver before the cornerback or safety does. No minicamp footrace in May is going to tell us anything about those issues, and it's likely the Eagles and their fans will find out this September whether they're fixed or fixable. Meantime, though, it's got to be a little bit comforting to know that Vick can still run like lightning.