Eric Ebron enjoys Dubai trip, meets Roger Federer

It isn't quite sliding down a volcano or wing-walking or even Matthew Stafford skydiving on his honeymoon in 2015, but Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron has been having an adventure of his own the past couple of weeks.

And he has been posting about it often on Instagram and Twitter.

Ebron, who is entering his fourth season in the league, has been in Dubai and generally seems to be enjoying himself traveling with Lions receiver Andre Roberts, who will be heading to free agency in under two weeks. And they've clearly been having fun.

Take this, which Ebron posted Wednesday, of him and Roberts sliding down what appears to be a sand dune on snowboards.

#InternationalBron #Winner @drerob

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He also posted a photo of him and Roberts alongside dune buggies in the desert, holding a bird and on a boat. Meanwhile, Roberts has been posting pictures of touring Dubai as well with high-octane cars and on the beach.

Ebron also posted on Twitter that he met tennis legend Roger Federer while he was in Dubai.

It has been an eventful offseason for Ebron, who had his best season in 2016 with 61 catches for 711 yards. He told ESPN late last season his goal for 2017 is to have a 1,000-yard season, which would be the first of his career.

The Lions also have some business with him as well. Detroit must make a decision this offseason whether to pick up the fifth-year option on Ebron's contract. If the Lions do, he would be signed with the Lions through the 2018 season. If the Lions do not -- and the last time they didn't was with former first0round pick Nick Fairley -- Ebron will be entering the 2017 season as a contract year.