Bruce Arians on Cam Newton's hats: 'Cam's got swag'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is a big fan of Cam Newton, and not just for what the Carolina Panthers quarterback does on the field.

As a fellow hat aficionado, Arians is a fan of the one-of-a-kind lids the reigning NFL MVP has donned this season.

“He’s got great style," Arians said of Newton. “Cam’s got swag."

Here is an example of Newton’s swag from one of his Instagram posts:

Arians has swag, as well. He wears a signature driving hat that he says is great for tooling around in a convertible. He also wears the hat on the sideline now that they’re made by New Era, which is licensed by the NFL.

Here’s an example of Arians’ swag from ESPN’s NFL Twitter account:

Arians’ hats come in red, white and black. They are priced at about $40 each, which is a bargain when you consider that Newton’s hats range from $1,200 to $2,500 apiece, although he has a few that cost more.

Newton’s hats are made by Alberto Hernandez, a third-generation hatmaker who works out of Nick Fouquet’s shop in Venice, California.

Newton wears his hats as a fashion statement. Arians wears his to keep his bald scalp warm. Some of the hats Arians wears are sold online at the NFL Shop and elsewhere, and all the profits go to his foundation, which helps neglected and abused children in Arizona.

Newton donated one of his hats for auction on Monday night at Roman Harper’s Hope for Tomorrow celebrity servers dinner. It sold for $1,000, which would buy about 25 of Arians’ hats.

But swag is swag.

“Anybody that has the expression of the way they talk, the way they present themselves, the way they dress, hat selection, I’m all for it," Newton said. “I don’t necessarily judge nobody off of nothing they do. I really appreciate it."