McShay Mock Draft 1.0: Atlanta Falcons

Age and injuries caught up with the Falcons just when they thought they were on the cusp of a Super Bowl. It was a cruel campaign that exposed just how little depth the team had after expending needed draft capital to land Julio Jones. Though the move has given Atlanta one of the top receivers in the NFL, it also contributed to the high-ceiling, low-floor season in which everything was riding on its starting lineup.

The blessing in disguise is that a high pick -- currently No. 5 overall based on current standings -- should help shore up the roster. But what area will the Falcons look to reinforce first?

Todd McShay released his first 2014 mock draft Wednesday, and in doing so identified the biggest areas of need for the Falcons. The most urgent: defensive end, offensive tackle, offensive guard, tight end, and even QB. After all, even though Matt Ryan was one of the few QBs who stayed healthy in 2013, if he goes down to injury, what happens to the Falcons? A deeper roster won’t help much without a capable QB.

Here’s who McShay believes will provide the best fit for Atlanta with the No. 5 pick.