Senior Bowl weigh-in not kind to Wilson

Senior Bowl week kicked off on Monday with weigh-ins and measurements for all NFL prospects in attendance. Here's a look at some notable numbers to come out of all the poking and prodding, as well as the players who posted the highest and lowest numbers in all the important categories.

• The most anticipated player was the last to be measured, and Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson checked in at just 5-foot-10¼. He was in very good shape and looked strong overall at 203 pounds, but the bottom line is that his height would make him the shortest quarterback on an NFL roster today.

That dubious distinction currently belongs to the Cleveland Browns' Seneca Wallace (5-11⅜ ), and the shortest starter in the NFL is the 6-foot Drew Brees. If Wilson were four inches taller we might be talking about him as a potential first-round pick given his intangibles and production. But at an inch-and-three-quarters shorter than Brees, there are now even more challenges to overcome as Wilson tries to make an NFL roster as a quarterback.

• On a more positive note, Boise State's Kellen Moore was a bit taller than expected at 5-11¾ . However, Moore is only 191 pounds and just does not look the part. He has the body of a high school quarterback, and Moore must add bulk and strength in order to hold up to NFL punishment.

• I contend that hand size is an underrated aspect of quarterback evaluation, because gripping the ball when throwing in adverse weather or absorbing blows from pass-rushers is key to playing the position. So from that standpoint, Arizona's Nick Foles won the quarterback weigh-in with 10¾ -inch hands, followed by San Diego State's Ryan Lindley at 10⅛.

• A few players passed the eyeball test with flying colors, beginning with Notre Dame DB Harrison Smith, who was absolutely shredded at 6-1¾ and 212 pounds. Smith was in perfect shape, appearing tall and ripped.

Two wide receivers also stood out. North Carolina's Dwight Jones looked solid at 6-3⅛ and 226, while Appalachian State's Brian Quick is an athletic-looking 6-3.5 and 222 pounds, with wide shoulders and skinny hips.

Finally, a pair of offensive tackles turned heads with their massive frames. Ohio State's Mike Adams is the tallest player in Mobile at 6-7, and weighs 323 pounds. Throw in his 11-inch hands (tied for biggest) and 33¼ arms and you have an impressive specimen.

Iowa State OT/G Kelechi Osemele was not quite as tall (6-5⅜ ), but at 333 pounds with 35¼ arms and 10⅜ hands, Osemele is an imposing figure.

Other notes

Clemson DE Andre Branch has not yet arrived in Mobile. He's expected, but did not make the weigh-in and his status for Monday's practice is up in the air. ... Auburn OT Brandon Mosely will not participate because of a case of viral meningitis, according to his agent. Mosely spent the weekend in the hospital, but is expected to be fully recovered in 7-10 days.

Weigh-in highs and lows

Five tallest

Ohio State OT Mike Adams -- 6-foot-7

North Carolina DE Quinton Coples -- 6-5¾

Louisiana Lafayette TE Ladarius Green -- 6-5¾

UAB OL Matt McCants -- 6-5⅝

Georgia OL Cordy Glenn -- 6-5.5

Florida State OL Zebrie Sanders -- 6-5.5

Utah OL Tony Bergstrom -- 6-5.5

Five Shortest

Alabama WR Marquis Maze -- 5-7¾

Florida RB Chris Rainey -- 5-8⅜

Houston WR Patrick Edwards -- 5-8⅞

Boise State RB Doug Martin -- 5-9

Ohio State RB Dan Herron -- 5-9¼

Georgia DB Brandon Boykin -- 5-9¼

Five heaviest

Glenn -- 346 pounds

Washington DT Alameda Ta'amu -- 341

Iowa State OL Kelechi Osemele -- 333

Penn State OL Johnnie Troutman -- 325

Adams -- 323

Five lightest

Edwards -- 168

Arkansas WR Joe Adams -- 174

Louisiana-Lafayette DB Dwight Bentley -- 176

Rainey -- 178

N.C. State WR T.J. Graham -- 182

Five biggest hands
Sanders -- 11 inches

Adams -- 11

Arizona QB Nick Foles -- 10¾

Cincinnati DL Derek Wolfe -- 10¾

Arizona WR Juron Criner -- 10.5

LSU OL Will Blackwell -- 10.5

Five smallest hands

Bentley -- 7.7

Iowa State DB Leonard Johnson -- 8

North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins -- 8¼

Penn State DB D'Anton Lynn -- 8⅜

Alabama S De'Quan Menzie -- 8.5

Five longest arms

Osemele -- 35¼ inches

Glenn -- 35⅛

McCants -- 35

Sanders -- 34⅝

Texas A&M DL Tony Jerod-Eddie -- 34⅜

Five shortest arms

Cal-Poly DB Asa Jackson -- 28⅝

Johnson -- 28¾

Texas A&M PK Randy Bullock -- 28¾

Lynn -- 29

Edwards -- 29⅜

Maze -- 29⅜

Texas A&M RB Cyrus Gray -- 29⅜

Five longest wingspans

Osemele -- 85.5 inches

Glenn -- 84⅝

California OL Mitchell Schwartz -- 83⅝

Sanders -- 83⅝

McCants -- 82⅝

Five shortest wingspans

Jackson -- 68⅜

Johnson -- 70⅜

Wisconsin LS Kyle Wojta -- 70⅝

Bullock -- 70¾

Bentley -- 70⅞