McShay Mock 3.0: Jaguars

Todd McShay's third NFL mock draft for 2014 is out on ESPN Insider today. The Jaguars draft at No. 3 overall, and they figure to have their pick of some top options at their two biggest areas of need -- franchise quarterback and a dominant pass-rusher. Much like the Texans, the Jaguars could face the "Jadeveon Clowney versus a QB" debate if the South Carolina defensive end drops to them.

Even with a ton of cap space, Jacksonville will not find their franchise quarterback in free agency. However, they could find quality pass-rushers, and overall the Jaguars should be buyers in free agency, so their roster will should be noticeably improved from where it stands today.

Still, this will be a team that has plenty of draft needs. It would be a total shock if the Jaguars did not select one of the top three quarterback prospects or Clowney with this selection. Think Gus Bradley could properly use Clowney? Wow.

Whom does McShay have the Jaguars drafting at No. 3? Let's take a look: