Bortles is top QB prospect for 2014

The big area of concern I had regarding Blake Bortles’ game heading into his pro day Wednesday was that when I’d watched him on tape, he was often not mechanically sound on his throws, particularly with his lower body. He’d show flashes of good mechanics, and he was more accurate and had more velocity on those passes, but he had just as many throws where he was off balance and his footwork was out of whack, and his accuracy and velocity suffered.

What I was looking to see Wednesday was whether he’d made improvements in that area, and whether he looked natural doing it. It’s one thing to flash improved mechanics in a scripted workout, but it’s another to be natural and comfortable with it so that you can replicate it every time in game situations.

Let’s take a look both at how Bortles performed Wednesday, and the impact it could have on the draft board.

What he did well: To be clear, we aren’t talking about Bortles needing some sort of Tim Tebow-level passing mechanics reconstruction here.