49ers' draft will be top heavy

The San Francisco 49ers enjoyed a draft weekend victory Monday when the NFL announced its 32 compensatory draft picks.

The 49ers were one of four teams to receive a top comp-pick prize for the May 8-10 draft -- a third-round pick. The pick is the 100th overall and the final pick of the round.

The team, which already has one of the deepest rosters in the NFL, now has a whopping six picks in the top 100. They have the No. 30 (first round), No. 56 and No. 61 picks (both second-round) and the No. 77, No. 94 and No. 100 picks (third round). This draft is widely considered one of the deepest drafts in several years. The 49ers have 11 picks overall in the draft. The 49ers also have one pick each in the fourth and fifth rounds and three picks in the final round.

While the comp pick cannot be traded, the 49ers have a lot of ammunition to move up at any point of the draft. With few glaring needs and not many spots on the 53-man roster open, I can see the 49ers being aggressive.

The 49ers were awarded the high comp pick based on losses related to gains in the 2012 draft class. Based on what has happened this year in free agency, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers get another com pick next year.