Teams that must find WR fits

This year will mark the eighth draft class I have evaluated, and the wide receiver crop is the deepest that I can remember. The group is bolstered by 19 underclassmen that make up 14 of the top 16 receivers in our rankings. In addition, there is plenty of variety within the class, as the wide receivers come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes and bring differing strengths to the table. This type of diversity means that, more so than any other year, teams will have different rankings within the class based on their specific needs and the fits within their scheme.

We are well into the free-agency period. Whether a team has been aggressive or complacent has a direct effect on its needs and can be a strong indicator on how it may attack the draft. That said, below is a look at three teams, after coming out of the free-agency period, that could be strong players in the receiver market during the draft as well as the prospects that could be fits.