Senior Bowl: A work in progress

FAIRHOPE, Ala. -- Like the South workouts in Mobile, the workouts at Fairhope Stadium were light and without pads. And like the South notes, here's a look at some wide receivers on the North squad.

The transition for Michigan WR/QB Denard Robinson (5-10.5, 196) hasn't been as easy as he hoped. For example, he had a false start today.

But being able to take the yellow jersey off allowed him to run and show his ability to run with the ball in his hands. That has helped matters. With that yellow jersey on, it put him on an island and put him in situations where he wasn't comfortable.

Moving forward it's important as to who is coaching him and with whom he is playing. If he goes back to Ann Arbor, Mich., and focuses on running a fast 40, that's not going to work. He needs to focus on running routes and catching the football. That's just one piece of the puzzle.

Robinson will have his pro day, but teams that are interested in him are going to work him out separately on campus in Ann Arbor. If he shows improvement there, that will be a huge help.

This week at the Senior Bowl sets the baseline for him. If he performs a little better at the combine and if he performs a little bit better in late March and early April when teams are on the campus for their individual visits -- where teams will sit with his offensive coordinators and wide receiver coaches -- that's where he has a chance to see the movement.

If he does it could be a real encouraging sign. It could catapult him and get some teams even more excited about him.

But stepping back and looking at this week, he has struggled. But he has to realize this week isn't the end, it's the beginning. He has to focus on route running and catching passes as well as punts. He needs to show he's coachable and that he can become an intriguing offensive weapon prospect as a conversion quarterback.

Aaron Dobson (6-2⅝, 203) from Marshall caught the ball well. He made a nice over-the-head catch in the end zone in red zone drills. He made a couple other tough contested catches. The past two days he has really come on and found his comfort zone.

Another wide receiver who impressed us was Texas' Marquise Goodwin (5-8⅞, 179). He was out at the NFLPA bowl in California a week ago. He practiced on Jan. 15, cramped up a couple times and then left after he got the call to come to Mobile. He has made himself some money this week.

Everyone knows he's fast, but he didn't always get the ball in the situations where he could take advantage of his speed. He has a lot of work to be done as a route runner, because he has straight-line speed and he's better there than stop-starts, lateral quickness and getting in and out of breaks.

But he has shown to be a better athlete than expected. He's capable of stretching the field and making big-time plays.

North notebook

• Washington CB Desmond Trufant (5-11⅛, 190) doesn't have elite man-to-man coverage skills, but he has done a nice job on trail covers this week. He seems to be most comfortable in that type of coverage, and we've seen that on tape, too. On tape, he has been inconsistent with balls skills, but had a nice interception on Thursday.

• Oregon State CB Jordan Poyer is not great at recovery skills, but when he's working underneath and in the slot he holds his own and does some nice things with his anticipation in jumping routes. He had a nice pass breakup on a short throw. You have to protect him, though, and that's why we think he's an early Day 3 prospect.

• Oregon RB Kenjon Barner (5-9¼, 188) was quick running routes and caught the ball well. He had a nice touchdown during the team period. He looked fluid and clean catching the ball.

• You can see why UConn LB Sio Moore (6-foot-0¾, 242 pounds), who was a late addition and who looked good on Wednesday, is an intriguing prospect, especially in terms of him taking the next step when it comes to the combine. You can see Moore has strong east-west reach. The way he was running makes you think he will test well at the combine. In terms of the offseason process, he's capitalizing and he looks as if he can continue that momentum into Indianapolis.

• Harvard fullback Kyle Juszczyk (6-1⅛, 248) caught the ball well as he has been targeted a lot in the past couple of days. He didn't have a drop. It's not a position that's highly valued, but he has done a good job of making the most of the opportunity.

• UCLA punter Jeff Locke had a short punt on his first attempt, but after that he had good hang time and good distance. He does need to quicken his release. It looked like it was taking too long to get the ball off his foot.

• Oregon offensive guard Kyle Long (6-6⅛, 304) was back at practice and that was good to see.