Rising prospects for a new NFL

Marcus Mariota's draft stock will benefit from the success of dual-threat QBs in the NFL. Christopher Barth/Getty Images

Where prospects are selected in the NFL draft isn't determined solely by the talent and skills of each player; the needs of each team matter as well, and those needs and the value being placed on certain positions and certain types of players can change over time.

In Wednesday's Hot Read, Jeffri Chadiha looks at some positions that are bordering on extinction. So we decided to take a look instead at some roles that are becoming more important in today's NFL, and the prospects whose stocks stand to benefit as a result.

1. Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon Ducks

NFL need: Mobile quarterbacks

There are a few quarterback prospects for next year’s draft whose stocks figure to improve based on the fact that more teams are looking for mobility from the QB position, including UCLA’s Brett Hundley and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.

But the player who figures to benefit the most is Mariota. He is a special athlete with explosive speed, and while he still needs mechanical work and more reps, he has a very high ceiling as a passer too, so long as he continues to improve.