A look at the Browns' recent trade record as they contemplate a run at Jimmy Garoppolo

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

PHOENIX -- Bill Belichick is here at NFL owners meetings, but not long enough to attend the annual AFC coaches media breakfast on Tuesday.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Belichick will leave the meetings after Monday to scout prospective draft picks.

That doesn’t mean the Browns won’t have the opportunity to pursue a trade for Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo. But it does mean Belichick most likely won’t be available to comment.

Belichick has gotten word through media channels that he won’t trade Garoppolo. But that can be interpreted as a means of driving up the price. Until he or Patriots owner Robert Kraft publicly state that Garoppolo will not be traded, the possibly exists of the Browns pursuing a deal.

And while some may fear Belichick would fleece the Browns in a deal involving Garoppolo, the New Browns Order of Sashi Brown, executive vice president of football operations, and Paul DePodesta, chief strategy officer, has established a fairly good trade record.

Wheeling and dealing: Since Brown and DePodesta were teamed by owner Jimmy Haslam to head the Browns front office in early January of 2016, they have made nine trades involving seven teams. They have made two trades with Belichick’s Patriots and two with the Panthers, and one apiece with the Eagles, Titans, Dolphins, Steelers and Texans.

In those transactions, the Browns have traded 10 draft picks and acquired 17.

They have subtracted linebacker Barkevious Mingo, punter Andy Lee and cornerback Justin Gilbert.

They have added cornerback Jamar Taylor, linebacker Jamie Collins and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Here is our analysis of each trade.

1. April 20, 2016: Traded 2016 first (2nd overall) and a 2017 conditional fourth round pick (139th) to Philadelphia for the Eagles’ 2016 first (8th), third (77th) and fourth (100th) round picks and 2017 first- (12th) and 2018 second-round picks.

Result: If you liked Carson Wentz, you didn’t like this trade. Wentz went 7-9 as a rookie with a mediocre Eagles team. The Browns conceivably can still win this trade by parlaying the Eagles’ first-round pick this year and second-round pick next year into a franchise quarterback.

2. April 28, 2016: Traded 2016 first- (8th overall) and sixth-round (176th) picks to Tennessee for the Titans’ 2016 first- (15th overall), third- (76th) and 2017 second-round (52nd) picks.

Result: This netted the Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman and projected 2017 starting right tackle Shon Coleman, plus a second-round pick this year.

3. April 29, 2016: Traded third- (77th overall) and fifth-round (141st) picks to Carolina for the Panthers’ third- (93rd), fourth- (129th) and fifth-round (168th) picks.

Result: These picks became quarterback Cody Kessler, safety Derrick Kindred and guard Spencer Drango.

4. April 30, 2016: Traded seventh-round pick (223rd overall) to Miami for the Dolphins’ seventh-round pick (250th) and DB Jamar Taylor.

Result: This was a gem. Energized by a change of scenery, Taylor emerged as a starting cornerback and earned a three-year contract.

5. Aug. 25, 2016: Traded LB Barkevious Mingo to New England for the Patriots’ 2017 fifth-round pick (177th overall).

Result: The 2013 NFL draft was an unforgettably bad one mostly throughout the first round. Mingo, taken sixth overall, was one of many busts. He did little more for Belichick than run down on kickoffs and punts and moved on in free agency to the Colts. Getting anything for him was a bonus.

6. Aug. 29, 2016: Traded P Andy Lee and a 2017 seventh-round pick (233rd overall) to Carolina for P Kasey Redfern and a 2018 fourth-round pick.

Result: The Browns dumped a $2.833 million salary owed one of the league’s best punters for a middle-round pick. They really didn’t miss Lee’s missile punts, as replacement Britton Colquitt proved reliable and earned a multi-year contract.

7. Sept. 3, 2016: Traded DB Justin Gilbert to Pittsburgh for the Steelers’ 2018 sixth-round pick.

Result: Classic addition by subtraction, ridding the locker room of an entitled athlete who doesn’t love the game. Gilbert did nothing for the Steelers and was released after the season. He stands as one of the Browns’ all-time first-round draft busts.

8. Oct. 31. 2016: Traded a conditional draft pick -- 2017 compensatory third-round pick (103rd overall) -- to New England for LB Jamie Collins.

Result: Collins auditioned for eight games and showed enough to usurp a $50 million contract for four years, including $26.4 million guaranteed. The one-time Pro Bowl linebacker will be a foundation player for the defense implemented by new coordinator Gregg Williams.

9. March 9, 2017: Traded fourth-round compensatory pick (142nd overall) to Houston for 2017 sixth-round pick (188th), 2018 second-round pick and QB Brock Osweiler.

Result: The Browns immediately sought to distance themselves from the stigma of overpaid Osweiler by saying how pleased they were to acquire another second-round pick in the 2018 – their third. Haslam picked up the cost of Osweiler’s $16 million guaranteed salary. Originally, it appeared the Browns had a deal in hand to flip Osweiler and half of his salary to another team. But that was speculation, at best. They may have to bring Osweiler to their offseason program beginning April 17 and hope they can include him in a Jamar Taylor-like throw-in deal in the late rounds of the 2017 draft.