The Cutler-Trestman connection

UPDATE: Per ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Marc Trestman will bring in former Saints interim coach Aaron Kromer as the Bears' new OC and offensive-line coach. ESPN NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert thinks that Trestman will handle in-game action for the offense, though:

"Kromer and Trestman worked together on the Oakland Raiders' staff in 2001 and 2002, and their respective backgrounds suggest that Trestman will call the plays in 2013."


Early Wednesday morning the Chicago Bears announced that Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman will replace Lovie Smith as their next head coach, according to ESPNChicago.com's Michael C. Wright.

Although Trestman hasn't been in the NFL for many years, he has quite a bit of experience there.

"Despite Trestman's recent history in the CFL, he also possesses considerable experience in the NFL, where he's worked on staffs tutoring quarterbacks such as Young (49ers from 1995-96), Rich Gannon (Raiders from 2001-03), who was named the league's MVP in 2001, and Bernie Kosar (1989). Trestman also worked in 2007 with the New Orleans Saints as a consultant," wrote Wright.

Trestman's ability to work with quarterbacks appears to have been an integral part of why the Bears chose him to coach Jay Cutler.

"One of the candidates to interview for the position early in the process came away from his meeting with Chicago expecting the club to now hold Cutler to a higher level of accountability, in addition to administering some tough love to the quarterback, who has underachieved with the Bears," Wright wrote.

"The candidate said, 'The person I spoke with said that is the plan.'

"The coach acknowledged that out of the candidate pool of potential Bears coaches, Trestman appeared to be the best suited to handle the job of elevating Cutler to prominence."