Fantasy checkdown: Is Rice cooked?

It may be the offseason in fantasyland, but that doesn't mean fantasy owners should shut things down until August. Fantasy-relevant things happen all year long via coaching changes, coordinator changes, free agency, the draft and OTAs. And the more informed you are as an owner, the better decisions you'll be able to make on draft day as the 2014 regular season nears. As such, the "Friday fantasy checkdown" continues with the latest fantasy-relevant buzz around the NFL.

Ray Rice just turned 27 on Wednesday, so he should be stepping into the prime years of his NFL career, yet there is genuine concern about how much gas he has left in the tank. Injuries and a weak O-line played roles in Rice posting the worst stats (3.1 yards per carry, 660 rushing yards, 58 catches, 321 receiving yards, 4 TDs) we've seen from him since he became the Baltimore Ravens' featured running back in '09. However, Rice was flat out horrible in some key areas, all on his own.