Latest buzz on Manziel's draft stock

On Thursday, we will see Johnny Manziel work out for NFL teams at Texas A&M's pro day. His draft stock has run the gamut from being first overall to falling to the latter part of the first round. ESPN's Merril Hoge said last week that, "I see bust written all over him. Especially if he's drafted in the first round."

What can we expect to take away from Manziel's pro day? Maybe not that much, since he won't be able to assuage the negative concerns some scouts have about his ability to make quick decisions and sound passes against a pressure defense.

"For better or worse," said NFL Network’s Mike Mayock on Friday (via TheMMQB.com), “what he needs to show the NFL, he can’t show in shorts and a T-shirt, and he won’t be able to show ’til training camp. I’m guessing the throws he needs to make from the pocket he’ll make on Thursday. People will want to see his arm strength and his accuracy from the pocket."

By now there typically is a consensus on where the top QB prospects will go in the draft, but that's not the case for Manziel, Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater at this point. In general, Bortles does seem to be sliding into the top spot on that list, but in the eyes of ESPN NFL Insider Todd McShay, Manziel has been the toughest QB prospect to figure out:

Todd McShay

Which of these QB prospects are you most torn about?

"If you take a look at the scouting report I wrote up on Manziel for our draft tracker, you'll see why he's my choice for this one. Manziel has a unique ability as an improviser both as a runner and as a thrower on the run, and even though he isn't as fast as Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, he's more elusive and more athletic than both. He also has excellent release quickness and good arm strength when his mechanics are solid, but he's unlikely to sustain NFL success unless he can improve the consistency of his ball placement (by being more disciplined with his lower-body mechanics), and makes more critical decision-making errors than any QB to whom I've given a first-round grade. It's understandable why you hear so many different opinions on whether he'll be a success in the NFL."