Lions, Bills interested in TE Ebron?

UPDATE: As noted below, top tight end prospect Eric Ebron believes the Lions are interested in drafting him. However, later on Monday, he added a second team to the mix.

“That was one of the teams,” Ebron told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “This is me quoting me. I said if I had my choice of the teams that are high upon me right now that I believe are high on me, it was the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions. Those are the two teams that I believe are the highest upon me. Now are they telling the same things they are telling me to everybody else? I don’t know. But from my perspective and my point of view, those are the two teams that I believe if they could have signed me that day would have.”

Pre-draft smokescreens are emitted in all directions at this time of year, but both the Lions and Bills could be in position to draft Ebron, if that's the direction one of them chooses to go in the first round.


On Friday, I discussed how if the Detroit Lions want to secure a top wideout prospect like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans in the draft, they may need to trade up from No. 10 to make it happen. What about eschewing the wideout position for a different high-end pass-catcher, like TE Eric Ebron, instead of moving up?