Where is Andre Johnson headed?

Andre Johnson is reportedly unhappy with his situation in Houston and wants out. To me, Johnson is a future Hall of Famer (which many people disagree with, by the way). While he is still a true No. 1 wide receiver, a term I don't use loosely, he isn't the explosive downfield threat he once was. But quite a few teams could still benefit greatly from his services.

Getting him and staying under the salary cap could be an issue for many teams, and frankly, I'm not going to delve into those numbers. But there are four teams to me that would reasonably trade a draft pick (or multiple picks) to acquire Johnson.

Here is a short synopsis on four likely suitors:

New England Patriots: I am actually higher on the Patriots' wide receiver situation than many pundits out there. It's a deep group, but there isn't a true No.1 guy at the position or anyone close to the threat that Johnson is. Johnson is a high-character guy who would be a great mentor to this young stable, Aaron Dobson in particular, and more importantly, he'd give Tom Brady an option that can consistently abuse single coverage on the outside. If Rob Gronkowski is healthy, which I feel is the biggest key to New England's season, the Pats could roll out a package of Stevan Ridley on early downs and Shane Vereen on passing downs at running back, Gronkowski at tight end, Johnson, Dobson and a slot receiver such as Julian Edelman as the Patriots' five skill-position players for Brady to distribute the ball to.