Eagles' Maclin back to full health?

According to a report on Philly.com, Jeremy Maclin thinks that in some ways, he's in better physical condition than he was before he tore his ACL.

"In some ways, I feel faster," Maclin said in the report. "In some ways, I feel fresher, more physically strong. I just think you put so much hard work into your rehab process that that's kind of what happens. You get that leg back. You build that leg back stronger."

Speculating on player injuries is one of the most difficult parts of my job, as I don’t get to see rehabbing players until they actually get on the field. Not to play doctor, but with the way that players come back from torn ACLs these days, I see no reason to think we will not see the Jeremy Maclin of old in terms of his movement ability once we get to see him this preseason, which is something I very much look forward to.

When we saw Maclin last, he was fast and explosive, especially in a straight line. He didn't possess elite qualities in these regards, but it was certainly one of the strengths to his game.