Will OC Lazor use Tannehill's legs?

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wants to see better decision making, better accuracy and more play making out of QB Ryan Tannehill this season.

Of course, there aren't many quarterbacks in the NFL who couldn't use some improvement in each of those categories, but Philbin suggested that he may put Tannehill's legs to work more this season to take advantage of those play-making skills.

"He’s got play-making ability," Philbin told Salguero. "But even there, we’re looking for more.

"He’s got a great pair of legs on him and we’ve seen some of that. And so when you get a 15-yard run from the quarterback and all of a sudden you’re in pretty good field position even when you don’t have great execution, that’s great. He’s capable of some of that stuff.”

Furthermore, Salguero tweeted that, "You'll see more" option keepers from Tannehill in 2014.

Tannehill has talent and a promising new offensive coordinator, which means he has some legitimate potential as a fantasy football sleeper, especially with a current ADP of 151:

Eric Karabell

2014 potential breakouts: quarterbacks

"Sometimes all it takes is a franchise adjustment in philosophy, a new offensive coordinator or head coach to light a fire under a talented player who hasn't shown much. Tannehill enters his third year coming off an under-the-radar 24-touchdown season in which he barely missed 4,000 passing yards. Only 15 quarterbacks scored more standard fantasy points. So why is this guy going after the top 20 quarterbacks? New offensive coordinator Bill Lazor worked with Chip Kelly in Philadelphia's new, exciting offense last season and brings a fresh approach. The line has improved and Tannehill has the skills and weapons to make a Nick Foles-type leap into relevancy. Don't be surprised."