Skins WR gets 'cut'

A Washington Redskins wide receiver had surgery on Friday, but it wasn't Pierre Garcon who went under the knife.

The Washington Post reports that Josh Morgan had a procedure done on his lower right leg, the same leg that Morgan broke in 2011. Speculation is that doctors simply wanted to clean the area up a bit, but so far, nobody is commenting other than the receiver who tweeted that it was "painful, but worth it."

As for Garcon, who tore ligaments in his toe and ended up missing six games in 2012, the jury is still out on a possibly surgery of his own. His agent told the newspaper that options were still being weighed, but at some point, the eventual recovery time that will be needed after an eventual operation could move into affecting Garcon's 2013 season.

Tick tock, Pierre. Tick tock.