Jennings' free-agent value

With the steady improvement we've seen from the likes of Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jordy Nelson, many expect the Green Bay Packers to let veteran wideout Greg Jennings walk as a free agent this offseason. However, Dan Pompei of the National Football Post thinks that Jennings may not receive a big contract on the free-agent market.

"Greg Jennings is a really fine wide receiver, but he may be in for a little bit of a rude awakening on the free agent market," Pompei wrote. "According to a couple of front office men I spoke with, teams might not be throwing fistfuls of cash at this two-time Pro Bowler.

"Why not? A couple of reasons. First, they believe Jennings won’t produce as much without Aaron Rodgers throwing to him, and without Mike McCarthy drawing up plays for him. And secondly, he is 29 years old. Jennings would have been much better positioned to make a killing if he became free after his first contract. Teams are hesitant to pay big for other team’s wide receivers in their third contracts."

The flip side of this might be that if he is unable to land a hefty contract, perhaps the Packers will be able to afford to keep him on their roster in 2013 at a reasonable rate.