What's next for Kickalicious?

Football is the ultimate team sport -- unless you are a kicker, in which case it's a solitary mental battle as the madness of a football game swirls around you. That's why so many of them are incredibly inconsistent from year to year. Just ask former San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers, who went from being historically great in 2011 to nearly being a midseason roster cut in 2012.

In fantasy terms, there is a fluky element that comes with the randomness of the game and how many kicking attempts a team's offense may generate. Health also plays a big role. Such was the case for Akers, who has since joined the Detroit Lions and is over last year's groin injury, which required offseason surgery. He has looked good enough this preseason that the Lions released internet sensation Havard Rugland, aka, "Kickalicious" this week.