Why Giants need to lean on Wilson

Care to guess which player on the New York Giants roster sports the team's highest yards-per-carry average after two games? Butterfingers RB David Wilson? Nope. Backup RB Da'Rel Scott? Nope. Retread RB Brandon Jacobs? Nope? The ghost of Tiki Barber? Nope. It's quarterback Eli Manning, who has racked up eight yards his two carries. That 4.0 YPC is better than Wilson's 2.6 YPC, Scott's 2.5 YPC and Jacobs' 0.6 YPC. Maybe it's time for coach Tom Coughlin to install the read option and turn Manning loose as a rushing threat. All kidding aside, Coughlin will have to get his rushing game in gear, considering they are 0-2 and dead last in the NFL with 73 total rushing yards and a 2.2 YPC.