Will Vick Stick in Philly?

We've known for some time that the Philadelphia Eagles were not going to cut Michael Vick prior to Wednesday, when a $3 million guarantee kicks in. That's because a clause in Vick's contract allows the Eagles to keep Vick on the roster until free agency begins on March 12 without having to pay the guaranteed salary, as long as another team picks him up or pays him more than $3 million.

Odds are that some team will have him on their roster at more than $3 million, so it seems a safe investment for the Eagles. Of course, the Eagles could keep him on their roster for 2013, presumably under a restructured contract, so they wouldn't have to fork over the $15.5 million owed on his current deal.

Will that come to fruition? ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano is skeptical:

Dan Graziano

Eagles have more time to decide on Vick

"I still think it's unlikely the Eagles keep Vick for 2013, even if he agrees to restructure for less than the $15.5 million. All the stuff about a running quarterback in Chip Kelly's offense ignores the facts that (a) Vick doesn't run like he used to run and (b) Kelly's offense, whatever form it will take in the NFL, is more reliant on a good decision-maker than it is a fast runner at quarterback. However, since there's some stuff in Vick's history to suggest he could be an asset to a Kelly-designed offense, and since it's not likely to cost them anything, they will hang onto him for a while and see whether he indeed turns out to be the best of their not-very-excellent options at the most important position on the field."