Will Cameron-Campbell succeed together?

UPDATE: Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron toed the company line Friday when asked why he was being underutilized in the offense since quarterback Jason Campbell took over four weeks ago.

Cameron claims the lack of production has been largely due to increased attention from opposing defenses rather than lack of chemistry between him and his QB.

"(There have been) some chemistry things here and there, but I don't think that's a problem at all," Cameron said, from the Plain-Dealer, "I've just been getting a lot more attention so it's harder to get open. They pay attention to what you're doing. They're hitting you in all areas, and I just think it's the way the defense has been playing."

Directly addressing the Campbell question, he further denies his struggles have anything to do with the switch.

"I don't think it's Jason at all," he said. "They're jamming you at the line and then there's someone hitting you at the second level, so it's just harder chemistry with the route. The timing is a little off."

What else could Cameron say? Of course, he'll defend his quarterback and deflect any attention from in-game chemistry struggles, real or imagined. As the Browns try to stay afloat in the playoff race, Cameron must play a bigger role.

Read on for why the Campbell-Cameron connection could be on an upward trajectory going into Sunday.


On Sunday, TE Jordan Cameron caught six of the seven passes that QB Jason Campbell targeted for him, but he mustered just 29 yards and failed to score for the third consecutive week. Perhaps not coincidentally, Campbell has been the starter for each of those games. Of the three starting quarterbacks used by the Browns this season, none of them has underutilized Cameron as much as Campbell.