Players-only meeting for Lions?

UPDATE: As noted below, Reggie Bush and Nate Burleson believe the Detroit Lions need a players-only meeting to help get the team refocused following a pair of sloppy losses. QB Matthew Stafford disagrees, though.

“This is a team I’ve been around for a while and we have strong leaders on this team,” Stafford said. “We can get it taken care of just in individual groups and we have leaders at every position and guys know what it takes to win in this league and what a fine margin it is.

“There’s no offensive, defensive, special teams overhaul needed. We got to go out there and play a little bit better than we’ve been playing.”

Stafford knows of what he speaks, since he tossed four interceptions on Sunday. Despite stumbling of late, the Lions remain in position to win the NFC North, and it will be interesting to see whether they can pull themselves together to beat the Green Bay Packers on Thursday.


For all of the ups and downs we have seen from the Detroit Lions the past couple of seasons, it had been a while since we had seen them look like the bumbling Lions of old. On Sunday, they seemed to be channeling the 0-16 Lions as they found myriad ways (silly turnovers, blocked punt, boneheaded plays, etc.) to lose the game. It was bad enough that Reggie Bush said he thinks the team as a whole needs to sit down and hash out the reasons why they have lost two straight games.