Fox makes another quick hire

The Denver Broncos wasted little time in replacing former assistant special-teams coach Keith Burns, who left the team Tuesday to take over as the Washington Redskins special-teams coach. The club announced Wednesday morning that they have hired Derius Swinton to replace Burns as an assistant special-teams coach. He was the Kansas City Chiefs' special-teams quality control coach last season.

"He's got familiarity with the division, which is obviously a plus," special-teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers said. "He played against us twice last season, so it'll be a good perspective from a self-scout, just how other people see us."

ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson thinks that head coach John Fox has proved to be decisive when handling changes to his coaching staff:

Bill Williamson

Broncos add Swinton as assistant coach

"In quickly hiring Swinton, Denver coach John Fox continued his trend of not wasting time when replacing coaches who have gotten promotions or been fired. In his two offseasons, Fox has hired every new coach in a matter of days. That helps keep staff continuity."