Checking in on David Wilson's status

The New York Giants remain in a holding pattern when it comes to expectations for running back David Wilson, as he continues his lengthy recovery from neck surgery.

“All in due time with David,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “Just pray. You’re praying that he has a return to excellent health and that the doctors are totally convinced that he is recovered and ready to go.”

Coughlin added that he plans to have Wilson for the 2014 season but noted that the running backs' availability is entirely in the hands of his doctors.

“I’m counting on him, but I am not going to put him in any circumstance until it’s an absolute that he’s 100 percent," Coughlin said. "I’m not going to mess with that one.”

As things stand right now, ESPN's Christopher Harris ranks Wilson as the 45th-best running back in his initial fantasy rankings for next season. As ESPN Giants reporter Dan Graziano notes, fantasy owners are in the same boat as the Giants when it comes to determining what to expect from Wilson this year:

Dan Graziano

Big Blue Morning: Just a fantasy

"If he's healthy and has a big preseason, you're going to hear a lot of the same stuff you heard last summer about his big-play potential and how he can win you matchups by himself with one big run. And that's all true. But like the Giants, you're going to want to see it before you believe it with this guy."