Revis to Tampa Bay?

With rumors this week that the New York Jets are hellbent on trading CB Darrelle Revis at some point this offseason -- there's a debate over when this trade would actually take place -- the speculation has been rampant as to where his next NFL home would be. Many believe the San Francisco 49ers are an apt suitor, as they've got a wealth of draft picks and are a Super Bowl contender that could take the next step with a player of Revis' ilk in their lineup; predictably, the Niners have directly and indirectly (through the media) claimed that they're not interested. In a very similar boat are the Atlanta Falcons, who have the cap space for a player with Revis' contract demands, and a hole to fill at CB; and just like the 49ers, the Falcons deny that anything is cooking on this front.